Hamburg, 26.02.2021 – Connected Infrastructure Capital GmbH (CIC) is realizing its first wind farm project in Sweden in the Askersund region.

The wind farm “Norra Hunna” consists of a total of four wind turbines of the type SWT-DD-142 with a rated power of 4.1 megawatts (MW) each. The first rotor was already installed at the end of February. The remaining three turbines are scheduled for completion by the end of March 2021.

“With this project, we were able to demonstrate our special expertise in the implementation of challenging wind farm projects. Not only did the geographical conditions require individual solutions, but the extreme winter temperatures and the restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic also posed a challenge. We are all the more pleased that the project is progressing so quickly,” explains Hans Joern Rieks, founding partner of CIC.

The 16.4 MW wind farm will feed directly into the Swedish power grid and produce enough electricity to supply 9,500 households with green energy. The Hamburg-based company plans to operate the wind farm itself. It is thus following its growth path and expanding its wind portfolio in the European market.

About CIC
The Hamburg-based company CIC is a joint venture of JOPO GmbH and VENTUSventures Holding GmbH. CIC specializes in structured financing solutions in the renewable energy sector, focusing on the acquisition of profitable and approved wind farm projects in European markets with a special focus on Scandinavia. The founders of CIC have already completed more than 900 MW of renewable energy projects in the USA, France, Denmark and Germany.

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